пятница, 29 января 2016 г.

To be an adult.

How to become a mature person?

This post is more about philosophie then something else.
Since I started to live alone, I am thibking how it is to be a mature person. If you have a job and live separeted from your parents it doesn't mean you are completely adult.
I discover, the first step "to put your mind on the more mature way" is to fight with your sleeping. Honestly, girls, we will not to be as young as we are now forever. We have to care about our body and mind. I read one article about hours of sleeping. Here it is no longer then 6,5 and no more then 8,5, of course we should go to the bed in regular time, e.g. 11 pm. ALWAYS. Did you read it? Always. It's like a first and the hardest level to control your mind and (!) time, cuz we all used to searching something intersting in the internet, especially after 10 pm. It's like we get some "inspiration" for stupid, senseless things (not always but mostly).
Other side of mature life is cooking. OK, girls, don't write me something like "oh, cooking is my hobby", well, probably it is, but it so hard to make yourself to cook for all long week. Especially if you came from your work and you are exhausted, all you can do just sit and that's it.
The third part of this "lifestyle" is bills.
You have to count money. Always. You have to save money for clothes, vacation, other stuffs, but it is so hard, you have to pay bill for your apartment, then you have to buy something to eat and also you have to pay for public transportation. You have to rely just on yourself. Parents is not "plan B" anymore.

So, I decided to be an adult. So that's mean I have to throw up all junk from my mind. I have to stop accept lazy mood, I have to fight with it. Idk ifIi would (I think i would, but it is going to be very complicated). Anyway, my first step is sleeping hours. 

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